Clawson Soccer Board & Officials

Rachel Siecinski

Shannon Browning
Vice President

Shaun Ervin
Director of Top Soccer


Fields and Equipment

Heather Pfaff

Kara Claussen-Page

Denise Lanfear
Strikers S.C. Director

Christen Wilder/Heather Maurer
Strikers S.C. Administrator

Rachel Siecinski

Steve Sklar
U8-U19 Division Manager

Clawson Soccer 

Clawson Soccer’s purpose is to teach the game of soccer and good sportsmanship to youths age 19 and under; to provide a program to prevent juvenile delinquency by providing opportunity for young people to learn and play soccer; to manage and conduct excursions and social meetings and organized team play within and/or outside the state of Michigan: to engage in international games to promote understanding between the youth of the world; to be an affiliated member of the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, the United States Soccer Federation, and any other organization deemed beneficial to the game of soccer.